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At Renovation Associates, we pride ourselves on guiding our consumers through the process of design.

  • We take time to engage the conversation; we ask questions, provide feedback, and communicate in a way that allows you to be an integral part of creating the design.

  • We do all the "heavy lifting" when it comes to drawings and layouts, but you provide direction, to ensure the final design meets your expectations.

  • We proactively help to determine the scope of your remodel. We discuss what is best for your home and budget and review the final design with you. We want to be certain we communicate how the scope affects project preparation, the construction calendar and ultimately, the total cost of your project. 

  • We assist you in researching products, determining selections, choosing colors, and developing the specifications for your project, making sure that the final pricing for your remodel is clear and understandable. 

  • We want you to have the freedom to select the products you desire. You will work closely with our designers to develop your product selections so that you can choose what you like and spend what you wish on specific selections. 

We firmly believe that the best pathway to a spectacular result is thoughtful design. Your home should fit your lifestyle, needs, and tastes. Our expert team can guide you through the process to ensure your project exceeds expectations!

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